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More than 120 years of history, love and devotion to families' needs.

Rader Funeral Home was established more than 120 years ago and is the oldest funeral home business in Botetourt County.

The changes that have overwhelmed the Botetourt area have indeed changed the funeral home itself. Rader was established in 1898 in the small town of Troutville, Virginia, where Mr. Rader (Ryder) opened his doors as a funeral home even though the building was actually a small shed where he also conducted a carpentry business. There, Mr. Rader built coffins and other cabinetry, a skill often carried into funeral homes in the early days.

Coffins differ from today's caskets in that they follow the contour of a persons body, hence the different angles of the coffin verses the caskets of today which are rectangular. After several years of operating within the town carpentry shed, the business outgrew the confines of the shed and moved across the street to the second floor of a building, which changed from an auto repair shop to a drug store to an insurance agency to finally a restaurant.

As time went on, the Rader name grew as other family members got involved, first with Bob Rader, then Carl Rader, and finally John Rader. Together they opened another branch of Rader Funeral Home in Stewartsville, Virginia during World War II, but it closed soon afterward in the year 1950. In 1946, E.A. "June" Graybill, returning from serving our country with the United States Navy, purchased all of the stock and was for all business rights the owner of Rader. Soon after purchasing Rader, June bought a building from B.A. Painter and in 1949 relocated the business across the street in Troutville. In 1950, additions were needed and a chapel was added as well as a selection room in which caskets were displayed for purchase. In 1955, June purchased a building and opened another branch on the main street of Buchanan, Virginia. This facility was closed in 2001.

In mid 1996, the newest building was built on Roanoke Road in Daleville, Virginia. Today, it is the only Rader Funeral Home existing. Although time has changed the appearance of Rader, the belief, commitment and devotion of its staff has not changed. As the oldest funeral home in Botetourt County, we truly value our old traditions as well as the unique challenges of the future. We do so knowing that many funeral homes make funeral arrangements whereas we as always make friendships.

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